Magrath is a town of 2,200 people, settled in 1899 by Mormon pioneers who built a large-scale irrigation project to make the dry prairie a more hospitable environment for agriculture. Today, Magrath is a thriving bedroom community of Lethbridge, only 32 km away. Magrath is home to an extensive paved trail system, thriving businesses, a golf course and more. Magrath has completely modernized community schools. The schools house a beautiful public library, black box theatre and indoor playground and weight room, all accessible to the community. Magrath is the kind of place where people know one another and take care of each other. The Diamond Willow Lodge benefits from this atmosphere as community members are quick to volunteer at the lodge and provide help to any residents who need it.

The Diamond Willow Lodge is an excellent choice for lodge accommodation, or supportive seniors housing for anyone in southern Alberta. The Diamond Willow Lodge stands out among lodges in small towns because it is contemporary, spacious and modern. Tt also has a warmth and homey feeling that comes from being a small facility in a small town where each resident is known and loved by the staff and by the community. We a delighted that the local faith community provides onsite faith services for our residents.